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The Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute

ILCHT is a division of Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN providing professional training in Integrative Hypnotherapy for healthcare professionals, licensed psychotherapists and graduate students in mental health programs.

What is Integrative Hypnotherapy?

Integrative Hypnotherapy teaches you how to navigate the conscious and subconscious and communicate directly with clients' higher consciousness where profound healing can happen. It will transform you from a skilled therapist into a healer.

This model is not based in psychology, but works directly with the limbic system to create a new conversation in the brain. It generates solutions and provides hope--our most powerful medicine.


Imagery has been called the higher language of the central nervous system; it is the communication system of mind/body healing--the language of holistic healing. Imagery generated from the client's higher consciousness is the key to profound healing.

While hypnosis in the past has been considered a passive sleepy state, today's hypnotherapy is a vibrant creative partnership between client and counselor. In this model the cognitive/analytical mind remains present, taking a back seat to the emotional mind where a new experience is created. The past is then reinterpreted in light of the present. This process is not based in reprogramming, but in facilitating a new and transforming story that the client begins experiencing immediately.

Integrative Hypnotherapy uses state dependent memory, learning, and behavior in transforming traumatic memories, healing deep wounds and changing conditioning. You will assist your clients in turning self-defeating patterns into life affirming beliefs and behaviors that reflect true self.

Integrative Hypnotherapy provides a method and model for exploring the subconscious mind to gain deep insight, discover powerful resources in the super conscious mind and generate healing. It restores hope and hope is our strongest medicine.

Integrative Hypnotherapy allows practitioners to assist clients in safely getting to the origins of trauma where healing can occur. It utilizes a light trance state Milton Erickson described as becoming willing to believe the unbelievable--in this case, believing that despite the brokenness, one can become whole again. Carl Jung called it active imagination, as it is from there that we create our lives. According to holistic principles each thing contains it's opposite. Illness contains the means by which we can experience wellness--Integrative Hypnotherapy is the key to unlocking it.

More about Integrative Hypnotherapy

How to get certified

Training Schedule:

Level I: November 15 - 18, 2012
Level II: January 17 - 20, 2013
Level III: March 21-24, 2013
Level IV: TBD

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