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Mary Faulkner, M.A., C.H.T. is a psychotherapist and instructor specializing in healing traumatic memories. Mary teaches at The Integrative Life Center in Nashville and is a trauma specialist at the Recovery Ranch in Nunnelly, TN. She has taught Clinical Hypnotherapy for certification for 24 years. Based in holistic principles of mind/body healing, Mary's classes are informative and engaging. Students come away with the knowledge and skills they need to apply Integrative Hypnotherapy in healing traumatic memories in their practice and also with their personal experience of healing. Mary is the author of 6 books. The most recent is Women's Spirituality: Power and Grace. She is currently writing the textbook for Integrative Hypnotherapy for Healing Traumatic Memories. It will be out in the fall of 2012.

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Integrative Life Center

ILC is a non-residential treatment program providing treatment services for individuals struggling with addictions, eating disorders and other trauma related disorders. ILC partner, Midtown Homes, offers beautiful supportive living homes for our clients.

ILC offers a variety of programs that address the roots of many life problems such as addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, mood disorders, process addictions and other self sabotaging behaviors that interfere with one's ability to be the person he or she wants to be.

We use an integrative approach with a wide array of therapeutic experiences such as group therapy, art and movement, psychodrama, experientially based therapies, massage, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, meditation, introduction to 12-Step recovery, and mindfulness. Read more about ILC here.

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