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What Integrative Hypnotherapy Is and Isn't

Hypnosis is not a school pf psychology, but is a way of understanding how we make changes and empowering clients in their healing process. It is both pragmatic and highly imaginative. The goal is to assist each client toward self-determined goals. It applies skilled listening, a variety of theories and tools, as well as intuition drawing on established protocol and responding to each person's unique story. The principles can be applied universally and augment other forms of therapy as well as 12 Step and addiction recovery.

3 Common Misunderstandings About Hypnosis

Misunderstanding #1 Hypnosis is a quick fix.
Truth: It isn't a quick fix, but it does speed up the process of healing. It bypasses conditioning and takes the patient to the most effective place to change patterning. It activates the part of the brain where syntheses occurs. There are a variety of rapid resolution techniques that can facilitate healing quickly and there are times when more work is needed. Integrative Hypnotherapy addresses both.

Misunderstanding #2 Hypnosis is Dangerous.
Truth: Hypnosis is a natural state similar to the meditative state. It helps the body and mind balance and regenerate. We go into hypnotic trance at intervals throughout the day called ultradian rhythms--cycling about every 90 minutes. They are similar to our dream cycles. Hypnosis doesn't take you anywhere--it accesses your inner resources. You can awaken at any time you choose to.

Misunderstanding #3 A person will be unreasonable influenced while under hypnosis.
Truth: this is the "will I crow like a chicken" question. The answer is only if it will help you meet your goals. Hypnosis bypasses conditioning, but not common sense. You will take suggestions that meet your goals, true beliefs, morals, or ethics.

Integrative Hypnotherapy Is Holistic

Hypnotherapy engages the imagination and assists in creating emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing by locating and using inner resources. You don't have to re-create yourself out of thin air--you already have what it takes inside you; Integrative Hypnotherapy will help you find it and integrate it into conscious awareness.

Integrative Hypnotherapy Is Dynamic

The dictionary describes dynamic as a driving or energizing force, especially one involved in a process of social or psychological change; full of energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose; characterized by vigorous activity and producing or undergoing change and development involving or relating to energy and forces that produce motion.

Integrative Hypnotherapy Is Interactive

The Integrative model creates a conversation between therapist, client and client's Inner Healer, that part of the psyche that knows what needs to be done and guides the process. It is resistance proof as client's conscious mind plays an important role in the process suspending judgment and becoming an observer, reinterpreting the experiences of the past, playing a vital role in changing the story.

Integrative Hypnotherapy Is Empowering

Empowerment happens as client experiences his or her inner resources and witnesses how healing is generated from within. As the past heals, patterns rooted in trauma are lifted and the path to the future becomes clear and reachable.

Who Might Use Integrative Hypnotherapy

Healthcare professionals, licensed psychotherapists, and graduate students in mental health programs. If you already use some of the techniques discussed here or have studied similar techniques you can gain skill and deepen your understanding of the role of the subconscious, conscious and higher conscious in holistic healing.

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